• Business Creation/Development Services
  • Business Support Services

ProPACE Consulting

  • Do you have assignments or projects that you prefer not to hire additional staff for?
  • Do you need help developing a business idea? Do you need help growing your current business?

Talk to us at ProPACE Consulting. We offer two lines of business consulting services; the first, business creation/development services and the second - business support services. We work with organizations of all sizes – whether small, medium or large- NGO’s, government or private.


Why Choose Us

Business Creation/Development Services

We provide business creation and support services to small and medium sized businesses and assist interested parties in establishing a business presence in Jamaica. We cater to both local and foreign nationals to help develop and sustain business ventures. As part of our offerings we help clients to fine tune ideas, conduct feasibility assessments and determine the viability of the business idea. We also help clients with company registration and all other business creation processes as required; all under one umbrella. At ProPACE we offer a ‘one stop shop’ business creation service where each step is tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients.

Business Support Services

We offer a range of services to help existing businesses improve the efficiency of their operations. We recognize that many existing small businesses lack the technological and human resources to execute some tasks. As such we seek to provide the expertise required to improve their financial viability and overall competitiveness. Among the services we offer are: budgeting, financial modelling and forecasting, market survey research and marketing, database creation and proposal writing. Our services range from the more technically complex to the more simple- which can ultimately determine if a company succeeds or fails. Our goal in this sphere of our operations is to help businesses develop mechanisms that will lead to long term financial success and growth.


  • Business modeling & Strategy assistance
  • Business Plans, Proposal & Report writing
  • Bid document preparation
  • Web design & IT solutions
  • Market research & market sizing assignments
  • Company Registration
  • Management & Personal Development